July 2018

NCL Announces Permanent Placement of the Joy to the West Coast for 2019

GOOD NEWS!  NCL’s Norwegian Joy will be based full-time on the West Coast beginning in 2019.  She will spend summers in Alaska and will sail from San Pedro, Los Angeles, to the Mexican Riviera and the Panama Canal the remainder of the year. This full-time placement gives your clients more West Coast options than ever before. 


Staff Spotlight - Loretta Alva

Tell the world briefly what you do at Your Travel Center and role supporting agents and independent contractors.
As the director of leisure sales, I work  with our preferred cruise and tour suppliers, secure coop marketing dollars and act as a liason between supplier and advisors.   

Anatomy of ClientBase

Virtuoso Advisors… Did you know

Did you know that Virtuoso advisors participating in Virtuoso’s Marketing program can find details of the offers that were sent to their clients by going to the ACTIVITIES tab in the client’s ClientBase profile?

This means that when your client calls and asks about the Regent Seven Seas offer you sent them, you can quickly see when the mailer was sent and the specifics of the offer with just a few clicks of the mouse.  Never be caught unaware again.

Supplier Retreats a Smashing Success

ritz carlton bacara resort valet

Supplier Retreats in Santa Barbara and Scottsdale were smashing successes for both advisors and suppliers alike with time allocated to network, learn, share and enjoy.  New to this year’s format was the “Town Hall” meeting.  This interactive meeting, closed to suppliers, allowed Colin Weatherhead and the management staff to share the company’s vision, direction and programs with advisors and allowed advisors to express their needs and concerns.  Issues of concern quickly became opportunities for change and the “Town Hall” meeting concept will continue to be a part of this annual event.

Owner’s Cruise 2018

montecito village travel owners cruise 2018

On March 18, 2018, the “Top 3” revenue producers for River Cruises and the “Top 3” producers for Ocean Cruises joined owners Colin Weatherhead, Robin Sanchez and Jacki Jones and Joseph Barney, Uniworld, for Your Travel Center/Montecito Village Travel’s first ever Owner’s Cruise.  This select group of advisors included Foy Renfro, Judi Walker, Patti Koide, Lynn Rudin, Effie Patrianakos, Vicky Voll, their guests and Chris Weatherhead.

Watch the Video here

Why Excite Holidays?

Why Excite Holidays

There are numerous ways to book travel these days, especially lodging.

You can book through the GDS, via Book YTC, direct with the hotel or through a multitude of other supplier third party platforms. In my opinion, there isn’t any one particular supplier better than the other. They all come in handy in their own unique way. 

Here are a few reasons why I recommend you should add Excite Holidays to your arsenal of booking tools:

Secrets of the Two Travel Agent Household

If travel agents know one thing better than most other professionals, it’s that first-rate travel experiences never happen by accident. It takes a 360-degree understanding of every situation, collaborative planning, the flexibility to pivot on a dime and the determination to ensure client satisfaction at all costs.

The same could be said for a happy marriage, which may be why so many married couples have partnered together to build their travel agencies.