Why Excite Holidays?

Why Excite Holidays

There are numerous ways to book travel these days, especially lodging.

You can book through the GDS, via Book YTC, direct with the hotel or through a multitude of other supplier third party platforms. In my opinion, there isn’t any one particular supplier better than the other. They all come in handy in their own unique way. 

Here are a few reasons why I recommend you should add Excite Holidays to your arsenal of booking tools:

Secrets of the Two Travel Agent Household

If travel agents know one thing better than most other professionals, it’s that first-rate travel experiences never happen by accident. It takes a 360-degree understanding of every situation, collaborative planning, the flexibility to pivot on a dime and the determination to ensure client satisfaction at all costs.

The same could be said for a happy marriage, which may be why so many married couples have partnered together to build their travel agencies.

When Dad is The Boss

Bob Drinkhouse When Dad's Boss

“I try not to make family gatherings all about the business,” says Bob Drinkhouse, owner of A Ambassador Travel in Phoenix, Ariz.

That’s not always easy when the business is a family affair. Drinkhouse started his travel agency in 1997 and brought his son on board in 2014, with his son-in-law following in 2016.

Loretta Alva Joins Your Travel Center/Montecito Village Travel

Welcome Loretta Alva to Your Travel Center Montecito Village Travel

We are pleased to introduce Loretta Alva as our newest team member.  Loretta will be assuming the role of Director of Leisure Sales previously held by Cate Almgren.  Beginning in the industry as a corporate agent and account manager; she assumed many other roles during her 25 year career including five years with a large host agency.  Loretta’s experience will definitely be an asset to Your Travel Center/Montecito Village Travel as she works with suppliers, employees and Independent Contractors.

Chris Weatherhead elected to Virtuoso’s Hotel & Resorts Committee

Chris Weatherhead Virtuoso Hotels & Resorts Committee & Belmond Travel Agent Advisory Board

Chris Weatherhead has been elected to represent the Virtuoso’s Hotel & Resorts Committee for the Western Region.  This committee provides advice, support and strategy for the continued evolution of the Virtuoso Hotels & Resort Program.  Chris’ work with the Your Travel Center/Montecito Village Travel hotel program and his passion for the hotel industry will be a definite advantage to Virtuoso as they evaluate and grow the Virtuoso network of properties.

Robin Sanchez receives Susan D. Tanzman Advocates Award 2017 Virtuoso at SoCal ASTA Diamond Awards Banquet

Robin Sanchez receives Susan D. Tanzman Inspiration Award at SoCal ASTA Diamond Awards

Robin Sanchez was awarded the Susan D Tanzman Advocates Award 2017 Virtuoso at the SoCAL ASTA Diamond Awards Banquet April 25th in Beverly Hills.

Staff Spotlight - Yvette Angel

Staff Spotlight - Yvette Godoy

Title: Corporate Travel Advisor

Location: Victorville, California 

How long have you been with Your Travel Center?  

Since 2014

What is your best advice to those joining Your Travel Center?  

Never be afraid to reach out to the staff to ask questions. Never stop educating yourself on travel - there is ALWAYS something new to learn. 

Re-introducing The Shangri-La Luxury Circle

Shangri-La Luxury Circle

We are proud to annouce that the Shangri-La Luxury Circle can now be booked through both our brands - Your Travel Center & Montecito Village Travel. For those unaware of the program it is a preferred partner program intended for luxury travel agencies that focuses on the Shangri-La brand.

Below, you'll find some links for all you need to know when it comes to the program:

Updates from Loretta—GOGO LUX

Updates from Loretta Alva

GOOD NEWS… GOGO LUX now offers an exclusive Virtuoso Elite reservations line, 1-844-GOGO-LUX and email, GoLuxury@ggwwv.com.

A bit about GOGO Vacations… for over 65 years, GOGO Vacations has been a leading US travel wholesaler and works exclusively with travel agents. Its in-depth product knowledge, expansive product line including My Time, and comprehensive marketing programs provide tremendous value to the travel professionals they serve.  

Some key benefits to you include:   

Your Travel Center Staff Spotlight

Shane Lefeber Your Travel Center Blog Post Header

Shane Lefeber, VP of Operations and Training

Bend, Oregon

Email: slefeber@ytc.com

Tell the world briefly what you do at Your Travel Center and your role in supporting agents and independent contractors.